Day 9-Which way does a tree fall?

Well, we are into our second week.

Today's quote comes from a children's movie.
The story was written by Dr. Seuss and it deals with the issue of conservation. This recent movie version features Danny DeVito as the voice of "the Lorax". He's the orange guy with the mustache on all the movie posters, just in case you aren't familiar with the movie.

The Lorax's job is to speak for the trees. To tell people that they need to be careful with our resources, because if not, they will all be gone.

But I found this line in the movie that seems to speak about another issue entirely.

"A tree falls which ever way it leans, be careful which way you lean."

We all have things in our life that we don't see as any big deal.
Things we see as "little sins" or "acceptable sins"

We lean a little in that direction but we figure we have it under control and we will be able to straighten up when we need to.

The problem with this thinking is exactly what the Lorax is saying. "A tree falls which ever way it leans."

We may think we can lean a little, just dip our toes in, then when we've had enough stand up straight and walk away.

Or maybe we lean just a little further each time, thinking it was ok last time a little further won't hurt.

Oh, but sin is strong. Stronger than we think and it will pull us down before we even realize it is happening. Next thing we know, we are on the ground, far away from where we want to be. Separated from our roots, our insides slowly dying.

We must be careful which way we lean.

If we lean in the direction of sin, eventually we will fall to it.

Once we fall, sometimes there's no getting back up.


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