31 Day Blogging Challenge


Beginning today I will be posting everyday on this blog. Just a little something each day, for the 31 days of October.

A small tidbit that I hope will help you in some way. I’ll share a movie clip, or quote and a connecting scripture. I’ll add a little of my own input on how the movie and the scripture tie together along with why I like the movie.

Don’t worry, it will be short and sweet.

Those of you who stop by every day and leave a comment on each post will be entered into a drawing for a movie night gift basket. There are a three dvd’s, movie popcorn and candy. And something entirely new from Blockbuster Inspiration- Movie Quote Scripture Cards. These are handmade by me. Each has a memorable line from a movie and a scripture. They will be laminated and connected by a metal ring.

Since I have jumped into this with only hours to spare, I’ll be bringing you a picture of this gift basket later this week.

One last thing, If you post a comment on the Blockbuster Inspiration Facebook page, you will get an additional chance in the drawing.

So that’s all. I hope you are all as excited as I am. Come back tomorrow for Day 1!


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