31 Days of Blockbuster Inspiration Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of 

My first movie I'd like to showcase is probably one of my all time favs. It was on TV again just recently and as I watched I remembered just how much I like this film. I didn't even see the entire movie, I was just flipping through and caught the last hour, but I sat on the edge of my bed completely drawn in a mesmorized.

The message is one of pure inspiration.

I believe I could probably write an entire book on the message of this film and how it relates to our Christian lives, but alas I promised you short and sweet so here it is.

Take a look at this scene.

Carpe Diem.
A simple phrase yet so full of meaning.
Over the summer I have been following two blogs faithfully. Emily Freeman and Jeff Goins.  Both offer insight and inspiration into the writing world as well as practical advice.  Find out more about both of them here www.chattingatthesky.com and here www.goinswriter.com  Emily has a new book coming out called "A Million Little Ways" and Jeff just recently released a book called "The In-Between" I highly recommend both of them.
In my mind they epitomize the phrase "Carpe Diem" and the message of this movie.
They are both responsible for me taking on this 31 Day Blogging Challenge.

Them and of course Professor Keating aka Robin Williams.

As you contemplate how to "seize the day" I'll leave you with this.

Romans 2:13 (NASB) for it is not the hearers of the Law who are just before God, but the doers of the Law will be justified.

Thank you for stopping by today.
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  1. Anonymous said...:

    That is one of our family's favorite movies also. We need to be intentional about our lives, not just letting it flow where ever it goes.

  1. Patti Hill said...:

    Great reminder for this day, the first day, the most important day, of our lives.

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