Day 5-Justin Timberlake Takes a Beating

Welcome to Day 5

Today I'm featuring a movie that is currently playing in theaters. It's called Runner Runner and it features Ben Afleck and Justin Timberlake.

Before I go any further, let me just warn you that I do not recommend this movie. I have not seen it and I probably will not. It is rated R. A lot of bad stuff happens and Ben Afleck plays a pretty bad guy.
Personally I don't like when Ben Afleck plays a bad guy, but I understand in order to have a long career in Hollywood you must be versatile in the parts you play.

The quote I have for you comes from the preview of the movie that they keep running on TV. In the video Justin Timberlake's has come back from doing a job for Ben's character. Things didn't go all that well and Justin has been beaten up.

Here is the line:

"If you want your own island and your boss says you gotta go out there and take a beating, go out, take it, come back to work and say 'do you need me to do it again?' Because right now, I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom”

And here's the video in case you like Ben Afleck too.

Most of us won't take a physical beating like Justin did, or even face imprisonment, or beheading for Jesus' sake the way the apostles did.

But persecution can come in many forms.

Family members who don't understand your faith and constantly challenge your beliefs.
Unbelieving co-workers who leave you out of office gatherings.
Friends who stop calling because you talk too much about God and spend too much time at church.

Jesus our "boss" tells us through scripture that we will face all types of "beatings" for His sake.

We should be ready and willing to take whatever we have to on his behalf.

Take it, come back to work, and ask "Do you need me to take it again?"

Because in the end, He gives us the "keys to the kingdom" and it will all be worth it.


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